Starting Something New?

Moving Overseas?

Joining another company?

Wanting to focus on big sites?

Starting a family?

Going back to study?

Hi, I’m Vidur 👋

I’m NZ’s only specialist buyer of WordPress client bases (well, as far as I know, drop me a line if you spot someone else!)

If you’re running a company with 10-200 hosting clients, most use WordPress and are considering selling, let’s chat!

Here are a few reasons to consider selling to Bronte:

1. Experience

I’ve been through the process of purchasing client-bases 10 times (both as a buyer and a seller). This helps make the handover process simple and streamlined.

2. A Single Contact for Your Clients

Bronte is a bit different to most web companies. It has just one account manager, who is also a designer and developer – me! – but with a team of world-class contractors meaning any size project can be handled. This means your clients get a single, knowledgable person as their ongoing contact.

3. Small Client Bases Considered

In my experience, large companies tend to shy away from buying small client bases due to the time required to evaluate them. I try to be different by seriously considering all companies with between 10 and 200 WordPress hosting clients.

4. WordPress Focussed

Bronte is WordPress focussed, meaning we can handle any WP curve-ball your clients throw our way. We also have contractors who can help with other popular CMS – e.g. Silverstripe, CraftCMS, Shopify.

5. Flexible Terms

Valuations are made based on monthly hosting revenue multiples (and take into account a range of other factors). In general though, I try to be flexible, and open to a wide range of terms that work for both sides.

No fancy lawyers trying to weasel a sneaky deal here!

What Next?

  1. Send a confidential message through the form on this page (feel free to use your Gmail address!)
  2. We discuss your goals and business specifics to gauge whether there’s a good potential fit
  3. I’ll create a proposal including offer price and transition plan


Vidur Ratna, +64 27 910 9440